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The Term “Long Hauler” is used when a person experiences symptoms or health problems that linger or first appear after an associated acute illness or active infection. A Long Hauler is characterised by persistent symptoms, consistently reporting such issues as debilitating fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, neurological disorders, difficulty concentrating, headaches, brain fog, memory issues, shortness of breath, cardiac dysrhythmias, insomnia, neuropathic pain, GI problems and other debilitating symptoms.

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Our team is made up of highly trained and world-renowned Clinicians, Nurses and Support Mentors who worked on the frontline during the Covid Pandemic. They now help us to offer a patient centred approach for the treatment of those suffering from Long Covid and the effects of the Covid vaccines.

We offer specialised testing and treatment advice overseen by a group of Physicians who utilise evidence-based medicine to treat patients with individualised, cost-effective, tailored treatment programmes.

Our 4 Simple Steps


We firstly ask you to complete a simple registration form before following the guidelines within Step 2 Testing


Our unique tests are specific to your needs and help us guide you through Mentorship & Treatment


Upon receipt of your test results and questionnaire, you will be invited to consult with a personal Mentor.


Your Mentor & Clinician will discuss and agree a bespoke treatment plan based on test results and symptoms.

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“Not all wounds are visible” – we are dedicated to healing the unseen and committed to being confidential and compassionate within both our communication and treatment.


Long Covid

Long Covid is a condition characterised by long-term debilitating symptoms, appearing and persisting after COVID-19 infection – our unique testing identifies the correct treatment.


ME/CFS/Lyme Longhaulers

Long Haulers ongoing work and research within this Covid environment, in conjunction with our specialist testing, has led us to discover similar immune dysregulation in ME/CFS & Post Lyme patients, allowing us to better understand the cause of these post-pathogen conditions.


Advanced Testing

Our comprehensive and specialised testing allows us to give tailored, customised, precision diagnosis – meaning you’re just a few clicks away from realising better health.


Vaccine Injured

COVID-19 Vaccine Injury is Real, Not Rare! Our specialist testing processes are key when diagnosing and optimising treatment for patients experiencing persistent symptoms following adverse vaccine reactions.


Specialist Counselling

We have a degree level counsellor specialising in bereavement, long-term condition support and post-traumatic stress disorders who has also worked extensively within hospices. During the pandemic she supported people through the devastating direct effects of Covid and also worked with those injured by the Covid Vaccines.

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After two years of suffering with Long Covid....

….and trying various treatments to no avail, I was recommended to Longhaulers by a fellow long covid sufferer.

Reuben, my son has struggled with Long Covid for almost a year. At the time Ria, Pierre and their team started treating Reuben he couldn’t walk a mile to school let alone play football or run. After five months of specific treatment to Reuben he is now playing football with the Chelsea Foundation five days a week and playing for a local team at the weekends.

Only yesterday he told me that he feels like Covid has finally left his body. This was after a double training session and his first session in the gym since December last year.

Longhaulers have provided individualised treatment for myself and Reuben meaning that I am on a different treatment plan to him. So far Longhaulers have enabled me to return to full time employment and I hope one day soon I will be able to start exercising again.

We are incredibly grateful for their continued support and treatment plan.

Emily and Reuben, UK

I couldn’t be more thankful to Ria, Pierre and the team.

I connected with Ria in February of 2021. She has been a guiding light for me in some of the darkest days since my injury. I gained a medical team and a friend as well. Between the team and Dr. Pierre Kory, I know I am in good hands. I have never seen a group of people with as much passion to help others as the Longhauler team has. They honestly do care for their patients and check in on you instead of treating you like another case file.

It has been a pleasure to work with them along my path to healing, I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have you.

Angelia Desselle, USA

I can’t remember how I found Longhaulers World....

…..but I am so pleased that I did. I had been suffering with long covid symptoms for close to a year. My symptoms were primarily neurological with the worst ones being headaches, tinnitus and parosmia.

I had previously seen various other doctors and consultants and had had a number of scans and checkups all of which showed normal results, as seems to be the way with long covid. Basically, I was told to wait and hope symptoms went away on their own.

My first appointment with Ria at Longhaulers was totally different. She took a huge amount of time to go through my symptoms carefully and it was immediately obvious that she was very knowledgable about the underlying cause of long covid and how to treat it.

I had a live blood analysis completed and was surprised by my results, which were not great. However, of all the tests I had had, it was the first to show what was really wrong. Now that we could see the problem, we could hopefully start to fix it.

Ria prepared a very detailed note on my symptoms and proposed a treatment plan. I have to be honest that I was a little sceptical about some of the proposed treatments, but I was so tired of the daily long covid symptoms that I was willing to give anything a try.

I completed a course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To my amazement and great relief, this almost completely eliminated my tinnitus.

I then completed a treatment course utilising over-the-counter medications and various supplements. After two months this very significantly reduced my headaches to the point were they have pretty much gone.

I am now at the point were I am basically back to normal and living my normal life without the daily burden of long covid. It took me about three months of treatment to get to this point.

There has been a huge amount of misinformation about what covid is and how to treat it effectively with existing drugs that have a great safety profile. Trust in medical professionals has been severely damaged during this period. Ria at Longhaulers World is doing an amazing job at pushing back against this misinformation. She understands what is causing long covid and has a proven track record of being able to treat it. I am evidence of that.

The level of attention and responsiveness is unlike anything I’ve received elsewhere in the medical system. I really felt like I had someone on my side who was always available if I had any questions.

If you are suffering with long covid and are tired of going to doctors that seem to be unable to break free of the mainstream narrative and as such are unable to treat you, then I highly recommend you give Longhaulers World a try.

M. Wilson, London, UK

Ria is extremely knowledgeable, incredibly supportive...

….and empathetic. She always takes the time to explain why a particular treatment is recommended and she listens so carefully. The support staff are knowledgeable and whenever I have had a question or needed support between appointments, I have always had a response very quickly from the team.

I am currently in treatment. My main symptoms were chronic fatigue, constant headaches and frequent migraine, dizziness and neurological issues (short term memory loss, sensory overload, unable to read or concentrate, difficulty finding the correct words etc), severe pains in my legs and sleep disturbance.

In the last month or two I have noticed a sustained improvement in my symptoms. I am now able to drive my children to school and run simple errands, I am sleeping well, I have some energy (I need to pace) and have noticed a significant improvement in my headache and neurological issues. I am able to take part in family life (meals and playing board games).

I absolutely recommend Longhaulers as I have felt hugely supported during my treatment over the past 6 months. I have had times where I have felt extremely low and the support and empathy I have received from Longhaulers (particularly Ria and Pierre) has been everything I needed. Thank you so much for your continued care and support.

Grace, UK

I've been to Cyprus to the well known apheresis center....

….and I spent over £10k on the treatment and the trip itself. It did nothing!

I had breathlessness and fatigue for 18 months. Now, if I pace I have long periods of no symptoms. Having Live Blood Analysis was great to actually see proof that I have micro-clots and other issues with my blood cells.

I called Ria and was instantly taken care of. For the first time in 18 months of illness I felt that I was no longer my own doctor. An appointment with a well known Dr in USA (Dr. Pierre Kory) was arranged by the team and I was prescribed medication by him. I had an instant improvement when taking the medication. My energy came back – literally overnight! My breathlessness has gone. I feel as I am almost back to my old self so long as I continue to pace and take care of myself.

Ria is a lifesaver. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor, she knows what’s she talking about and also has given me a lot of hope and calmed me down after a quick chat and the support staff are very quick to respond and deal with any queries.

Longhaulers.world has been the only help I have had in my long covid journey and trust me I’ve tried a lot of different avenues as I’m sure most of us have!

I wish you all the best to those suffering.

Thank you dearly to Ria and the team.

Jay.S, UK

Covid has affected me in so many ways.

Firstly I lost my father to the Pfizer vaccine in Jan 2021 and through this terrible loss I met Ria, who’s father also died of the Pfizer vaccine 2 days after mine and we have supported each other through the most difficult of times. On a professional level I then caught Covid and Ria saw me through this following the FLCCC protocol with I***, H****, zinc and other vitamins. I recovered well although sadly a dear friend, who was not open to this treatment, went on to get Long Covid and suffered a severe heart attack, leaving her severely disabled. Through Longhaulers I was offered counselling services to get me through this devastating period of my life. I am now proud to be part of the admin team at Longhaulers and can honestly say Donella and Ria have been a godsend.

Linda A, UK

I had my Live Blood Analysis with Shirah at Longhaulers.

She was kind and very reassuring, what a lovely lady. I am vaccine injured and am looking forward to the consultation and treatment process with the team.

Julie, Dorset, UK

I became terribly unwell in June 2021 after having the Pfizer vaccine.

I have been let down continually by the medical community, told it was all in my head and had totally lost hope. I could not function, could not work and spent my days in agony and confined to my home. I was told about the team at Longhaulers and the experience has been totally different, they listen, they care, they hear us. I started with Live Blood Analysis and my blood was a mess, full of micro-clots, fibrin and all of my immune system was activated, it finally showed something was wrong. I then consulted with the team after completing a detailed questionnaire. They got my GP involved who ran some other tests and these were also positive. I was put on anti coagulation therapy, some medication to dampen down my immune system, some different supplements and had HBOT. The team are so responsive and work with the UK HBOT centres. I am 16 weeks in from my initial consult and I am so much better. I cannot understand that our medical community won’t help us, yet the team at Longhaulers are so knowledgeable on how to find the cause of our illness and treat us. I want to say a big thank you to the team and to let everyone who has been injured by the Covid vaccines that there is hope and you can get better.

Julie From Norfolk, UK

Where do I begin to show my gratitude for this team.

Dr. Pierre Kory is a Godsend! This man took me on as a patient to no gain of his own, unlike so many others! He has listened to understand me….no 9-5 for this man! He took the time to call me in the evening and weekend hours. His heart is as big as the world! Ria, the list could could go on…. She came into the lives of the vaccine injured early in 2021. Striving to help, fight, educate, find treatment, doctors to help us. Refused to give up as others were beating her down! Together this team could create miracles! Much love and gratitude to you both!

Shawn Vidiella, USA

I contracted Covid in October 2020.

At the time it was a mild infection although around 10 weeks later I could not get out of bed, long story short and after seeing numerous doctors I was diagnosed with Long Covid by an NHS Long Covid Centre. I attended the LC Clinic and had 4 zoom meetings, they did nothing other than telling me Long Covid had caused ME/CFS. The only thing that helped was a physiotherapist that gave me tools for controlled breathing. I was very unwell, totally housebound with crazy neurological symptoms, tinnitus and severe pain, I could not walk a few steps without crashing and ending up in bed. I am only 32 years old.

Through a Long Covid Group I came across Longhaulers. My starting point was having Live Blood Analysis concentrating on Micro-Clots and Coagulation and the report was confirmation that I had a very high micro-clots and fibrin scores and that my immune system was highly engaged, all was clear in a detailed report from Shirah at Longhaulers.

I then had my first telephone consultation with the team after filling in a detailed questionnaire in May 22. The consultation and detailed post consultation report gave a clear forward treatment plan of why I was unwell. My GP totally supported the findings and agreed to work with me. As soon as I started Ivermectin I felt a positive change. I have been on monitored anti-coagulation therapy and then natural coagulation therapy with HBOT with consultations through the whole process. I was also on specific medications and vitamins prescribed by the team and my GP. After 12 weeks I was no longer housebound, started to turn the corner and I am able to work 2 days per week.

The support during consultations and from the team has been exceptional. How possibly can our medical system fail us so badly when there are treatments out there that work. I am part of a Long Covid Group where many have been treated by the team at Longhaulers – some have totally got their life back and other like me are on the way to getting theirs back too.

Never lose hope, search for the right treatment, as it is out there.

Jason, Chorley, UK

I have been injured since Jan of 2021....

….and have had every door slammed in my face! I have been mocked, made to feel crazy and dismissed by the healthcare system. I have spent a fortune on the wrong treatments, had insurance deny treatments that I needed, and also just been left to suffer because physicians don’t know how to help. When I became a patient at Longhaulers, I was not only given the proper treatment plans, but was given hope. Although I may not be better, I’m on the right track with the right team on my side. I am receiving impeccable care, the right meds, the rights tests being done, and a team who truly cares. I don’t feel like another medical record number, I feel like a human with a name within a team that does all they can to assure I get my life back.

Danee Dixon, California, USA

I have been under the care of Longhaulers since June 2022....

….for both Long Covid and Post Covid-19 Vaccine Reaction. I already had treatment abroad unsuccessfully, so I was sceptical of any further treatment. However during my first consultation I was totally reassured by Ria about the science of Long Covid and how the treatment would target both this as well as my vaccine reaction. My consultations with Ria and treatment plans are incredibly individualised. I know others going through the programme, there are some aspects of the treatment that are the same and others which are specific to us and our symptoms. For the first time in 2 years I feel that someone is actually listening to me and what I am going through and Ria has hope for my recovery. There are bumps along the road but Ria reassures me each time and explains why this is happening. She always has different options in case one treatment does not work. I am not there yet but I have hope.

Anna, UK

I had Covid in March 2021...

….and for the last 18months have been really struggling. No help or answers from my GP and spent thousands on treatments abroad with no success.

But since I started with the team at Longhaulers world and especially Ria I am on the road to recovery. In the 3 months I have been with them I’ve made real progress, and with Ria I have a plan to move forward with expert knowledge explaining everything fully as we go along with full support and assistance

Longhaulers is not money making like some of the companies I have been in contact with, they go above and beyond and reply to emails straight away.

If you’re struggling with long covid and not getting answers or help anywhere else, I would definitely recommend the team at Longhaulers.

Nathan, UK

I contracted what I now know to be Covid in late August 2021.

I have underlying health issues and after 11 days of what felt like a low grade summer cold I was in trouble. I became bed bound with an oxygen saturation of 70 my breathing was very bad. I was having horrendous nose bleeds, couldn’t regulate my temperature and was confirmed Covid positive.

I was so unwell and should have been hospitalised, although seeing what our healthcare system had done to Covid sufferers including the family members of friends, that was not an option for me. My partner was also unwell around the same time.

I contacted Ria at Longhaulers and she advised me to start Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, specific vitamins and inhaled steroids. She checked in on me daily and once implementing these medications I turned the corner quickly.

With how acutely unwell I was, I cycled down the main pharmaceuticals after recovery on Ria’s advice and still maintain a weekly prevention protocol.

I truly think without this intervention from longhaulers I may not be here to tell this story.

I and many others I know have been helped through Covid with variations of this protocol or follow the FLCCC treatment. I am living proof of that and l remain forever grateful to have been treated so effectively.

D Crisdon, UK

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