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Longhaulers Live Blood Analysis

The Process

Also known as Live Blood Microscopy or Live Blood Cell Analysis. A drop of fresh capillary blood is viewed in its live state under a microscope. It is magnified 1000x in order to view the condition of the blood cells and the plasma revealing any micro-clots. It also assesses levels of inflammation, oxidation or toxicity.

This service includes Photographic Evidence and a Full Clinical Report of the findings. The Longhaulers Live Blood analysis focuses on clots, platelets, thrombocytes and fibrin, all of which are very visible if present and will show the size of aggregations. We run two live samples and one dry sample. The size of the micro-clots are calculated in microns and how many there are per field, so we get a quantity measure to create a micro-clot score. If seen, we can also treat fibrin, platelet aggregation and hyper-coagulation.

An example can viewed here.

Flow Terrain Analysis

Flow Terrain Analysis Based on traditional Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA), Flow Terrain Analysis is a method of analysing the fluid dynamics of the internal environment of the body. This environment is often referred to as the “terrain” or “biological terrain”. By using specific measurements of Urine, Saliva, Blood Pressure, Live Blood Microscopy and Pulse Measurements. 5 Key points are measured and calculated, including PH balance, Catabolic v Anabolic status, Heart Rate Variability, Electrolyte Balance, Cellular function/Cell Membrane Permeability and Autonomic Nervous system activity. While various fields of healthcare examine, isolate or treat one particular part or system of the body, Flow Terrain Analysis instead attempts to gain information about the fluid dynamics of the body – attempting to capture feedback of the biochemical/electrical environment as it might relate to key homeostatic controls. This becomes a truer measure of health and wellness as it provides baseline markers for viewing the body’s adaptive capacity to meet and overcome health stressors. At this level we are concerned with pH balance, mineral balance, hydration levels, oxygen delivery, good bacteria in the gut as well as a host of other factors.

Put simply, when these core homeostatic controls become out of balance, then the whole body is out of balance. When the body is out of balance, it is reflected in the body’s blood, interstitial and intercellular fluids. Flow Terrain Analysis educates clients on what the fluids of urine, saliva and blood can show them at a practical level. In a sense urine is a reflection of what the body is letting go of and saliva is what is being held onto. As the blood is often the last to change when health starts to shift, a baseline physiological measurement of blood without resorting to a laboratory blood draw can be done and interfacing that information with other data brings about huge insights about underlying health – often going far beyond what a laboratory blood test alone might reveal about an individual’s current state of health.


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